Country: AT/IR

Tahereh Nourani is a Vienna-based composer and sound artist, mainly focusing on electroacoustic and experimental music. She places the sound at the beginning of a journey of discovery. With Free Improvisation, extended playing techniques, amplified objects, minimal live electronics, and a very slow approach, she creates reduced, organic and archaic sound architectures, an arc stretched between ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Memory Response) and Noise.

Nourani studied classical flute at Tehran Art University and at the University for music and performing arts Vienna (MDW). In 2016, she began self-taught electric bass playing, which brought her into the world of electroacoustic music and eventually composing. In 2019 her solo
debut „ancient child“ was published. For her composition „The Funambulist“ for prepared electric bass, she received the PhonoECHOES prize from Austrian Composers Association.

Besides engagements in projects like Oficina Art Vienna led by Alegre Correa and the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra by Michael Fischer, she has worked with musicians such as Matthias Loibner, Katharina Klement, Franz Hautzinger, Jelena Popržan, Adele Knall and artists such as Myassa Kraitt (KDM), Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki, Naomi Rincon Gallardo and many others.

Download press photo here (credit: Abiona Esther Ojo).

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