Country: IT

Nicola Ratti is a multifaceted musician and sound designer who has been active for years in various experimental felds. His sound production creates systems that take shape from repetition and expansion, with particular attention to the construction of environments that gravitate in relation to the space and architecture we live in and balancing the emotional and perceptual orientations we are used to.

Born in Milano in 1978, he has performed in Europe, North America, Russia and Japan and his albums have been released by different labels since 2006. Beside his solo career he is also part of other collaborative projects such as Bellows, NR/MA, What we do when in silence. As composer and sound designer his works cross different felds from theatre to cinema passing through performing arts, radio works and sound art. He’s one of the co-founder and members of Standards, an artist-run centre focused on sound and space active in Milano from 2015 to 2022.

Since March 2023 is professor of sound space design at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

Download press photo here (credit: Alan Chies).