Characterised by her thrilling blends and effervescent energy, Juba has steadily built a reputation as a confident, skilful and daring DJ, who champions African and African diasporic sounds across Europe and beyond.

A child of the Nigerian diaspora in the UK, since 2016 Juba has been paying musical homage to her heritage as a DJ who principally showcases music from Africa and the African diaspora, whilst drawing on other electronic musical influences.

As a regular host on Berlin’s Cashmere Radio, core member of London’s Boko! Boko! collective and creator of the Assurance Documentary and Podcast, not only is she a skilled DJ, but she also utilises her platforms to explore socio-political issues surrounding the world of music.

In recent years the buzz has grown around Juba, with DJ sets at Panorama Bar, Peacock Society Festival, Keep Hush and a sensational Boiler Room debut in 2019. Her electrifying sets reinforce that not only is she a captivating DJ, but a skilled craftsman whose unique energy brings any party to boiling point.



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