Bérangère Maximin mix for NTS

Listen to a new SHAPE mix by French electro-acoustic music composer Bérangère Maximin, produced for the London-based radio station NTS Live ahead of her performance at Schiev festival on November 17.

Working out of her private studio since 2008, Bérangère Maximin has developed her own approach to sound art and electronic music, composing dense, immersive pieces with immediate impact. On four albums which have aroused international interest, she has revealed a taste for mixing disparate sounds together with a sense of detail, effusive, lyrical playings with the digital material and tight nuanced writing. Bérangère Maximin’s music engages the listener in consideration of space and textures. The sound ambivalence and its independence from its original source being at the centre of her work. The composer has got released on Tzadik’s Composer Series (USA), Sub Rosa’s Framework (BE) and Crammed Discs’ Made To Measure (BE). Lately she responded to the producer Craig Leon’s invitation to take part in the re-activation of his Atlas Realisations label (US/UK) with a fifth electroacoustic series named Frozen Refrains which came out on vinyl last Summer.

Bérangère Maximin has performed at venues such as London Hayward Gallery’s Harmonic Series, NYC Roulette, Quebec Victoriaville’s FIMAV, Paris Presences Electronique festival, Notre-Dame- de-Paris Cathedral’s Crypt and Palais de Tokyo, Bordeaux and Strasbourg MOCA in France, Florence’s Teatro Della Pergola, Bologna’s Angelica festival in Italy, Bern’s Dampfzentrale, Berlin Ausland and Charlottenburg Baptist Church, Swedish Push festival, London Cafe Oto as well as various concert halls, festivals and clubs across Europe, China and North America.

Since 2010, the composer has also obtained commissions and residence time at Paris’ Ina-GRM, Stockholm’s EMS, France’s La Muse En Circuit, Grim-Montévidéo, IMEB Institute. She also received a grant from the ‘Villa Medicis Hors Les Murs’ program in New York City (Cultures France, 2011).

Track list:

The Buffalo Daughters – Cold Summer
Pierre Henry – Tokyo 2002
Autechre –  tuinorizn
The Mahavishnu Orchestra – Inner Worlds Part 1 & 2 Vs Arca – Sin Rumbo + Saunter
Michel Chion – Libera Me
Ekoplekz – Tremulant
Loop – Coma
Fred Frith & Janet Feder – Ironic Universe / Closing
Marie-Hélène Bernard – La Mousson
Agnès Poisson – Point Rouge
Forest Swords – An Hour
Jan St. Werner – Feed Opener
Monty Adkins – Panel no.4 (to Rose)
Bérangère Maximin – Cracks
Henry Flynt – Double Spindizzy
Rashad Becker – Themes VII

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