Resonance FM show on Lanuk

Listen to an hour-long Resonance FM show, featuring the music of SHAPE artist Lanuk. It was aired as part of the platform’s broadcast series SHAPE Artist’s Hour. It is comprised of improvised home recordings, made during the last few months.

Hungarian musician Árpád Gulyás aka Lanuk started making music when he was 13, cutting his teeth in several noise and experimental punk bands. His Lanuk outfit began as a bedroom project in the middle of the noughties and led to appearances at numerous festivals, clubs, art galleries. Aside from Lanuk, Gulyás also moonlights as a bass player in a band called derTANZ.

Lanuk’s early records (Nerma, Batla) came out on the Hungarian netlabel Pushya, and 2014’s ‘vV’ was released on Prague’s Baba Vanga tape label. His last record ‘d_ork’ was released via the New York-based Immigrant Breast Nest Records in 2015.

The Wire writes: “The sounds have something of a techno orientation, with alternating sequences of bloop, glitch and proggy melodicism. Usually i would say, quoting Patrick Sky, that this is the sort of thing a sane man wipes his ass on, but Lanuk brings a persistent druggy strangeness to the proceedings that overwhelms all objections.”

Lanuk was nominated to the SHAPE platform by UH Fest from Hungary.