Listen to Spatial’s SHAPE mix for Balamii Radio

Stream a special SHAPE mix by British bass music producer and audiovisual artist Spatial, broadcast on the Peckham-based radio station Balamii. The mix consists entirely of tracks by fellow SHAPE artists, including both 2015 alumni and artists of the 2016 roster.

Spatial is an electronic musician and multimedia artist from London exploring low frequency vibration with physical intervention through DJ sets & live performance and via recorded media. He equally examines the structural occupation and perception of opti-sonic transmissions through home coded audiovisual installations and the emergent behaviour of chaotic systems by simple rule-based repetition through generative design.

Balamii is a broadcasting platform based in Peckham – South East London. Its aim is to produce programmes that connect and inform listeners of new music whilst supporting artists by providing links to purchase where possible. Balamii can record and take content from anywhere in the world, but the station remains rooted within its local community.

Track list:

KETEV – Probabilities of a Stranger’s Eyes
Orson Hentschel – What’s Going On
Yves De Mey – Adamance
KABLAM – Nu Metall
T’ien Lai – RHTHM
Masayoshi Fujita – Tears of Unicorn
Clock DVA – Neoteric
Credit 00 – 909ish
DJ Nigga Fox – Įgua da Terra
Gil Delindro – Earth Tide
Monochord – Patina
N1L – Iguana Love Bite
Spatial – A Music Of Sound Systems (wireshaped_edit)

You can catch Spatial live at a special Skaņu Mežs festival event at the Riga Anglican Church on September 10.