Plapla Pinky tracks for The Wire

In collaboration with our partners The Wire: Adventures In Modern Music, we proudly bring You a preview of SHAPE artists’ Plapla Pinky new recording Appel EP.

Plapla Pinky are the French duo of Maxime Denuc and Raphaël Hénard, working between Paris, Brussels and Bucharest. They released their first self-titled EP in 2011 on the Japanese label Sonore. Their second EP Succession from 2014 interpreted five pieces of Baroque music and was released on the Parisian label Kuntur.

Their forthcoming Appel EP will bereleased on 1 June on their own newly-founded Choral Records. It comes out of Denuc and Hénard’s interest in religious music, specifically Christian masses composed for church organs, and its potential links with rave culture. The scores for the EP were performed by the Belgian organist Cindy Castillo and recorded at l’église du Chant d’Oiseau, Brussels.

Plapla Pinky will present their new concert program Raver Stay With Me as part of two SHAPE events: firstly, they’ll visit an introductory event to Riga’s Skaņu Mežs festival (September 5) and, secondly, they’ll present the program at as part of the Toulouse International Organ Festival on October 10 (in collaboration with Les Siestes Electroniques).

To hear two tracks from Appel EP, click here.