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Andreas Trobollowitsch – Santa Melodica

Already in its second year, CYNETART presents selected artists of the SHAPE platform at various music and art-oriented events in Dresden as well as in the region. After JG Biberkopf at the HfBK Dresden and The Empire Line at the Institut fuer Zukunft in Leipzig, CYNETART is involved in the Netzwerk Medien Kunst (NMK) with the contribution of the Austrian artist Andreas Trobollowitsch Santa Melodica.

Santa Melodica (installation) is a sound installation for compressor, cable tube, melodica and balloon. The compressed air flowing through the cable tube, makes the instrument play and inflates the balloon. When inflated the compressor switches off and the air from the balloon flows back to the melodica, producing, due to decreasing air pressure, a decrescendo until the sound dissipates.