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November 3 – 26, 2015



This year’s SONICA festival in search for transitory embeddedness of diverse media of artistic performances, follows the lines of opening, linking and division. The uncaptured nature of sound as the main point of transitoriness is set to embody not only through and into different media through which we are addressed by this years’ artists but through experience, knowledge and expertness as well.
We would like to share this aim with the public and weave the linkage of transmission not only in different forms of artistic events but also in the form of workshops, artist talks, talks between artists and thus create a polygon which echoes also outside the sole confrontation with the artistic piece or performance. The concert program is broadened with eight free admission workshops all related to the sound and music someway.
This years’ SONICA exhibition will be dedicated to the work of the bassist and electronic musician known as KETEV (sound artist Yair Elazar Glotman) who will
dissect contrabass to the multilayerness of the sound installation, performance, composition material in the relation between physical materiality of contrabass and the astonishing play of deep sound frequencies.
SONICA is bringing four diverse concert events: the opening gourman sound menu with Rashad Becker and audio-visual spectacle oqpo_oooo by Alexa Augiera with the
sustenance of local Ontervjabbit; cinematic travelling through light and colours at the  Kino-Uho evening event in Kinoteka with Robert Curgenven and Wolfgang Spahn;
a visit of concert underground with Jerusalem In My Heart substantiated with three local masters of electronics from the CTRL N compilation: A Lesson of Slovene Electronics; and finally a dance event with one of the most exploding star of the dark techno and drum mash-up, a New Zealand FIS. You are welcome to attend all four concerts with a single festival ticket.

At the end of the festival there is a celebration of the second anniversary of MoTA Point! It is connected with the closure of Biennial of Independent Illustration. At MoTA Point the fest will start with the program which shall for now remain a secret, and at 10 PM we will move to the nearby Argentinski Park where we will be introduced to the dark portrait of love from duo LEALUDVIK.
3.11. at 8 PM / KINO ŠIŠKA

4. 11. at 5 PM / MoTA Point
SHAPE presents:
Q&A Workshop of music production and mastering
with Rashad Becker and Gregor Zemljič (RANDOM LOGIC)

at 8 PM / MoTA Point
Performative lecture
Annette La Fort: TREMBLING. A meditation on traveling by hand

5.11. 2015 at 9 PM: Kino-Uho: Double Cinematic Colour Explosion at KINOTEKA
Wolfgang Spahn: Entropie
Robert Curgenven: A Young Lover’s Guide to Speculative Pataphysics

6.11. from 4 to 7 PM and
7.11. from 12 AM on / MoTA Point
SONICA Workshop
Graph-a-tone! Workshop of analog visualization with IZLAND

6.11. at 7 PM / MoTA Point
SHAPE presents:
ArtistTalk and workshop
Robert Curgenven: Physical Sound

7.11. at 8 PM / MoTA Point
Jam Session of Analog Visualizations: Presentation of Workshop Outcomes with IZLAND
Exhibition will be open until Tuesday, 10.11.

11. 11. 2015 at 7 PM / Ljudmila
SONICA Workshop
Yuri Landman: Digital Dish: Hard Disc Drive

12. and 13.11. from 5 PM to 9 PM / Ljudmila
SONICA workshop
Yuri Landman: Malevich’s strings

13.11. at 8 PM / MoTA Point
Performative installation
SHAPE presents:
Yair Elazar Glotman: Territorial Music.
Borders of Range and Micro-Materiality

Exhibition will be open until 18.11.
Second pefromance will take place on Sunday 15.11.

at 10 PM / Argentinski Park / Bunker

Jerusalem in My Heart
CTRL N – A Lesson of Slovene Electronics:
Jozo Elektronik, C9|2, Warlord Chipmonk – live
Christian Kroupa, C9|2 – DJ set

14.11. at 11 AM / Ljudmila

Yuri Landman: Kalimba

21. and  22. 11 from 12 AM to 8 PM / MoTA Point
SONICA Workshop
DIY Music Video! with KUKLA

19.11. from 5 PM – 7 PM / MoTA Point

Žiga Murko: Analog Beats

20.11. at 11 PM / Creative Zone Šiška
Christian Kroupa (Live)
Some1Else (Live)
TizTiz (Live)
Xaka & Felis Catus (intro & outro)

26.11. at 8 PM
2nd ANNIVERSARY of MoTA Point!
and Closing of the Biennial of Independent Illustration
Concert / Exhibition
12 z
Exhibition of videos and BYOB!

at 10 PM / Argentinski Park / Bunker
DJ Von Ludvik
Nina Hudej


For all concerts the entrance fee is 6 eur presale / 7 eur on the day of the event.
The only exception is the opening concert where entrance fee is 8 eur presale / 10 eur on the day of the event.
A single festival ticket for 20 eur covers entrance fee to all 4 concert events. You can buy the ticket here:

All income from festival tickets will be invested in the coming workshop program Futureschool which combines art, technology and creativity.

Presale tickets: (mastercard, maestro) and Pritličje, Mestni trg 2 (cash).

All workshops at MoTA Point are of free admission, but the number of places is limited therefore we kindly ask you to apply in advance by e-mail to: All workshops will be focused on concrete knowledge, with IZLAND and KUKLA workshops we will also make an exhibition, therefore we expect candidates with serious intentions only.
At Yuri Landman’s workshops we will make our own instruments. Admissions for these workshops will only cover material costs for the workshops.
With SONICA workshops we announce the FUTURESCHOOL workshops program which will take place in 2016. Futureschool workshops are part of the MoTA program and connect art, technology, design and create irregular connections of innovative ideas and research spirit as well as link innovators and youth.


Kino Šiška: Trg Prekomorskih brigad 3, Ljubljana
MoTA Point: Gosposvetska cesta 12, Ljubljana
Pritličje: Mestni trg 2, Ljubljana
Bunker in Argentinski Park: Puharjeva 5, 1000 Ljubljana
Kinoteka: Miklošičeva 28, 1000 Ljubljana

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