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Nina Hudej will be presented with her DJ set, as a support for Visionist & Pedro Maia. Nina Hudej is a music producer & DJ, primarily active as a producer & live performer with Warrego Valles, an electronic duo collaboration with musician & vocalist NinaBelle. Warrego Valles are producing exploratory electronic music with clear background in dark dance floor aesthetics and subtle dashes of activist poetics, who have in 2017 already made quite a stir in local Slovene electronic music scene, within their audience, among colleagues and in the media. Their first EP Location Off was released in February 2017 and their debut full-length album, Botox, is forthcoming in late February 2018 at Kamizdat. Nina Hudej is also a music director, event manager & janitor in Ljubljana’s clubs Pritličje and club Monokel.