ModularRelations Conference + Sonica Berlin Showcase




Relations of Matter, Light, Space and Sound – Modular Relations is joining an exhibition, a symposium, workshops, performances and an audiovisual night program. Three organisations: ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und UrbanistikMOTA – Museum of Transitory Art and Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Łaźnia collaborate with the mission to improve life in the cities by looking at three angles – structural activism, public space reinvention and personal approaches on an experimental level.

>> Symposium

Through the Symposium we look into questions of contemporary urbanities through modular design – spaces through new genres of public art – and living architecture through sound and art experiments.

>> Modular Relations Exhibition

from the MoTA Collection Arte/Facts with Andy LomasBojana Petkovic,Jan VormannAndreas TrobollowitschAdam Basanta, Stephen Cornford & others

The exhibition joins contemporary artists and researchers who explore the inner being of things: relations between sound and light and the relation between materials and their surroundings.
+ installations from Alona Rodeh, Sixten Sanne-Göransson and Satyashree Gummuluri, Ben Nathan and Matthew Robinson