Maria W Horn at Mutek Mexico 2019


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From the overwhelming spirit of black to the immediacy of electronics. In a short, but intense period, Maria W Horn has stood out in the experimental circuit to conjure up dark philosophies and aesthetics in a powerful performing power that you can feel in your bones. Her debut Kontrapoetik (Self-released, 2018) is just the surface of an artistic output that includes happenings, research and a constant reinvention of rough sounds and radical aspects of electroacoustic compositions. This year Maria W Horn launched Epistasis (Hallow Ground, 2019), a new studio recording that connects black metal, avant-garde minimalism and new technologies. Maria W Horn is also a fundamental part of the Swedish music circuit and a promoter of new and extreme sounds: founder of XKatedral, the label that is home to releases by like-minded artists, such as Kali Malone and Caterina Barbieri, as well as being an active member of Sthlm Drone Society, a platform focused on publishing drone music and all of its subcategories. And, of course, her heavy-metal mixtapes are the best.

The participation of Maria W Horn at MUTEK MX is possible thanks to a collaboration with SHAPE and Insomnia Festival. Maria W Horn has been selected to the SHAPE platform for 2019, which is co-financed by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.