Cucina Povera live at 1983


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On March 1, Karelian-Luxembourgish sound artist and composer Maria Rossi a.k.a. Cucina Povera will play a show at Riga, Latvia’s 1983 bar (Vagonu street 21).

Cucina Povera is the solo project of Karelian-Luxembourgish sound artist and composer Maria Rossi, focusing on the marginal and the observational. The repeated motifs in their work are an uncanny testament to the beauty of banality, a monument infused with the mysticism of everyday life and a love for accessible sound sources like creaky tenement floors, boiling kettles and leaky taps – stories told by means of cheap and rudimentary equipment. Like in the titular practice of peasant cooking, Rossi takes simple ingredients and creates a stylistically resourceful, spontaneous hermeticism that provides a creative respite from the hubbub of the metropole.

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