Country: UA

John Object is a Ukrainian experimental producer and soldier. His pre-war work consisted of violent club and anti-club music, sleek ultra-digital sounds and wet samples of the human body/experience, blended into a barrage of stimuli. At its best, it’s another attempt of a search for «possible musics», medium over message, acknowledging and distorting the traditions of electronic production. During the full-scale Russo-Ukrainian war, he has remotely rebuilt his studio on his Armed Forces of Ukraine pay: from a laptop setup into a «classic» analog synth lair with modular synthesis included. As of writing of this bio in June 2023, he is still an artilleryman in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and provided he is not killed in action, will return to his new studio to attempt a new practice.

During the working period of 2023/2024, John Object is in active military duty in Ukraine, so his participation in the platform has been postponed to 2024/2025.

Download press photo here.