Hear our latest NTS Radio show with xin

xin is a Berlin-based artist, writer and musician. Their debut LP, MELTS INTO LOVE, was released by Subtext in 2019. Described as “a deliriously psychedelic record [that] slithers in and out of the brain with the visceral body horror of a David Cronenberg movie” (FACT), MELTS INTO LOVE warps, mangles and strangles rave tropes into something anew. The record is released solely via independent platforms, with all proceeds going to Eden Reforestation Projects. Previously, they released their first solo EP, To Shock the Earth and Shake the Sky, and they also contributed to compilations on Genome 6.66mbp, Intruder Alert and AN BA.

Hear their mix for our latest NTS Radio show below.


Angel Bat David – Transition East
Jon Hassell – Timeless
Shigeru Umebayashi – Yumeji’s Theme
VASE – Reset
Drew McDowall – Agalma IV (ft. Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe)
Holly Childs & Gediminas Žygus – Formless
JIGEN – 無季
David Holland Quartet – Conference of the Birds
Moor Mother and Olof Melander – NIGHTSHADE
Fire-Toolz – Rainbow ∞ Bridge
Sun Ra Arkestra – Angels and Demons at Play
Pauline Anna Strom – Bonsai Terrace
peb – Round II [Squeeze, Squeeze, Squeeze]
emptyset – Blade
xin – Virtually Asocial
Mahavishnu Orchestra – You Know, You Know