Hear our April Resonance FM show with Ábris Gryllus, Riccardo La Foresta and ELVI

On our latest Resonance FM show, we introduce the initiative’s new artist roster, which has been in place since 1 April.

Ábris Gryllus is a Budapest based cross disciplinary media artist and musician. In his music and installations he moves on the boarder of known and uncharted soundscapes, opening space for associations and different time sensations.Born in 1985, he studied Visual Communication at the Moholy-Nagy University of Arts and Design, Budapest, where he started teaching conceptual design and sound in 2015. He is part of the noise formation FOR, and often collaborates with several dance and performance groups, most notably with the acclaimed dance collective Hodworks. His most recent solo release, A.D., is a continuation of this musical process, language development and exploration. His upcoming release is via The Death of Rave. You can read a new interview with Abris on our website.

His collaborative project with Miklós Farkas, FOR, is a FORum for their shared interests in techno-dystopian sonic worlds and brutalist sci-fi visions evoking various technologically advanced, machine-dominated future scenarios that, by the time, increasingly resemble our contemporary reality. 

Riccardo La Foresta is a percussionist and sound artist from Modena (Italy) whose research of the last years wants to question the role of the drum as a percussive instrument. The track you’re about to hear is from his album Drummophone.

ELVI is the performing and producing entity of the Rigan disc jockey and curator Elvi Soulsystems. His current method is to use low fidelity field recordings as the only sound source – these are recorded sounds of urban and rural habitats, industrial sounds, the sound of the human voice (mainly his own).The track you’re hearing is a live track called HELDER.

Listen to the show here: