Hear ELVI’s mix for Radio Campus

ELVI is the performing and producing entity of the Rigan disc jockey and curator Elvi Soulsystems. His current method is to use low fidelity field recordings as the only sound source – these are recorded sounds of urban and rural habitats, industrial sounds, the sound of the human voice (mainly his own). These recordings are manipulated using primitive modulation – space, repetition, speed, phasing via improvised performance. No instruments – electronic or acoustic – seem to feature in his music. 

“ELVI has not done a mix up until now, even though I’m also a DJ performing as Elvi Soulsystems. I know – it’s confusing. But for me personally – the worlds of performing or composing and playing records are very different terrains. Yet asked by SHAPE to do this I saw the opportunity to throw together a mixture of bowing down to music that has inspired my endeavours greatly and also music that my label _too contemporary is roughly about. It also felt unnatural to mix my own music together with these greats that I wanted to feature, so I ended up including only a yet unreleased remix I’ve done for a Latvian pop music outfit. For contrast. Not all of this can or should be considered dance music, but I did do a bit when recording this.”