Hear our latest Resonance FM show with Aloïs Yang, Ben Bertrand and Dorota

On our latest SHAPE show on Resonance FM, we introduced 3 SHAPE artists working with sound in various ways. Hungarian band Dorota‘s way of working revolves around building a mystical fictional space. ‘If we were to imagine the band’s recordings with visionary landscapes, while the first album was a North American road trip, our second album, Frik screened between a Nigerian internet cafe and a foggy mountain, the home of our third album, ‘Solar The Monk’ is somewhere out of existence Georgian-Iranian-Mongolian border.’ 

Brussels bass clarinetist and composer Ben Bertrand talks about his new album as well as his other job where he teaches blind children music. Aloïs Yang is a media artist, performer and experimental musician who produces work that explores the relation and interaction between people, sound, and the external world.