V4W.ENKO mix for Radio Campus


Listen to a new SHAPE mix by Ukrainian multimedia artist and musician V4W.ENKO, created entirely out of his own works, both studio and live. The mix has been created for French radio station network Radio Campus.

V4W.ENKO creates sound and visual compositions based on custom applications with Max; a visual coding tool used to create interactive visuals, installations and complex interactive environments. Evgeniy Vashchenko is a Ukrainian artist working in the fields of live electronics, installation, sculpture, sound art and video art since 2007. His work is realised by manipulating self-programmed algorithms in real-time. From 2009 he has participated and performed at number of media festivals, such as FIBER, Ars Electronica, CynetArt, Mutek, Kvitnu, NextSound and others. He has released works on labels like Kvitnu, Electroton, Nexsound, JNN, FRAMED, etc. Since 2011 he has run a label – the FF’Space, which is dedicated to algorithmic and abstract approaches in the arts of sound, visuals, design and micro-software development. Under the alias of V4W.ENKO, Evgeniy performs and develops algorithmic tools, installations, sounds, objects, visuals and graphics all over the world. In 2011 the audio/visual CD album “Harmonic Ratio” by V4W.ENKO was mentioned by “Qwartz Awards” (under direction by Alva Noto and Matali Crasset) nominated in the “Discovery” category.

Track list:

“Re6extract” from “Harmonic Ratio” [Kvitnu]
“Tetra Continuation” from “Synthetic Explosion” [FF`Space]
“Rasterise1-2 and White” [selfreleased]
“01___221_PT2”  from “Synthetic Explosion” [FF`Space]
“Rthmrq1-a” [unreleased]
“ffspacetwo-a” from “FF`Space”  [selfreleased]
“02122720120234”  from “Information” [FF`Space]
“22-TSh _5”  [unreleased]
“Inputs_connect_d” from “DI_Rec” [0 bis]
“U_c” from “DI_Rec” [0 bis]
“Tremololegs+_eq” from “DI_Rec” [0 bis]
“DotCompound” [JNN024-remastered at FF`Space 2017]
“Dt_fragment3” [JNN024-remastered at FF`Space 2017]
“Untitled 5 – 38-52”  [unreleased]
“Untitled 3 41 59”  [unreleased]
“Sm” from “Harmonic Ratio” [Kvitnu]
fragment of “v4w.enko – Live @ Sensimo ‘tilda’ 2016 Festival ”

V4W.ENKO has been nominated to the SHAPE platform by Dresden’s Cynetart festival.