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MOONOLITH is an interactive monument for public spaces which reflects the Moon and the constellations of stars on its surface. Dedicated to urban strollers, it is a tribute to dark matter, emptiness, void, in-between space, speed, and time and its passage. For the Ljubljana castle a sound-responsive Moonolith version has been developed that interacts with visitors’ movements also during the day. SHAPE artist Fraction performed at the opening of the event on 21 March 2017. Check out the photos below.

DSC_3197 DSC_3579 DSC_3947 DSC_4068 DSC_4076 DSC_4079 DSC_4084 DSC_4085 DSC_4086 DSC_4088 DSC_4247 DSC_4312 DSC_4414 DSC_4421 DSC_4433 DSC_4436 DSC_4440 DSC_4442 DSC_4452

Photos: Iztok Medja

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