Listen to N.M.O.’s mix for NTS Radio

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N.M.O. (Morten J. Olsen and Rubén Patiño) is an ever-changing acronym that incorporates club music, performance, military-style drumming, fitness and absurdity. The Diagonal and Where To Now? signed duo recently made a mix for our NTS Radio show with a tracklist that includes the likes of Russell Haswell, SHAPE alumni Lorenzo Senni and Stine Janvin Motland, Powell and Valerio Tricoli.

Nonsensical Media Outlet x NTS 21.03.2017

Ed Young, Lonnie Young Jr & S r – Jim and John / Raymond Scott – Don’t beat ..
Stine Janvin Motland – unreleased / N1L – Accelerate
Xyn Cabal – Templexity
Jesse Osborne-Lanthier – lick and a promise
Russell Haswell – Heavy Handed Sunset [Autechre “Comformity Version”]
Deutsch am Fuss – b1
DJ Clent – We bout it
Lorenzo Senni – Forever Headline / Der Plan – Nessie
Second Woman – 200601je6
Powell – Dogs on Acid
Eureka Brass Band – Eternity
Nedederlandse Maatschappij Ontwikkeling – Special GesamtkunstwerkKunst
Dale Cornish – Isolate
Tapes & Sotofett – Dub Happy
Deutsch am Fuss – b2
SRB vs RTC – Attack The Flow
Guggenmusik – field recording
EVOL – Also these eleven / Modo – Eins Zwei Polizei /
Rudolf Dokumentation No 01
DJ Slim – Cartoons In Progress
La VieC’estFacile – White Cobra
Henri Chopin – Le discours
Pan Daijing – A season in Hell
Rashad Becker – Theme IV
Valerio Tricoli – Clonic Earth
Novo Line – Lo Scoglio
RKSS – Brostep in the Style of Florian Hecker
Airhead – Katzz(Mumdance Remix)
DJ Taye feat. DJ Earl – Break it Down / Jeff Witscher – Meclu 3
Cont_ext – 002_bouncetest-01
Oneohtrix Point Never – Nobody Here