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Jackson Fourgeaud made his name in the mid-2000s with his Warp-signed album Smash. Shredding the filtered funk of his Parisian forebears and soldering the remains into an insane carriage of orchestral bombast, red-lined techno and gothic hip-hop, Jackson & His Computer Band had brought a sense of the post-millennial baroque to the rave. Ten years later, he approaches his music projects in a conceptual way.

In his project, Light Metal Music, Jackson interprets music using a set of unique electro-acoustic instruments, evoking sculpture as much as the steel industry. The main idea is to defract light and analyse its colour and position in space utilising frequencies, which are amplified in metal.  “It started after my last album tour. I felt a need to build my own instrument and have a more direct contact with the physics of sound and acoustic experience,” he told us in an interview. Watch a short video from his performance at Maintenant Festival in Rennes last year.

photo: Gwendal Le Flem @ Maintenant Festival

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