Hear Dynamons’ NTS Radio mix


Athens-based Ilias Pitsios (aka Dynamons) is the co-founder of the Greek label Echovolt and Into The Light Records. His DJ sets are rooted in classic and leftfield dance music approaches with a modern twist. Listen to his NTS Radio DJ set below.

Chris Spheeris • Paul Voudouris – Prism

Akis – Erotica
Better Days – B3
Vangelis Katoulis – Slipping Beauty LP
Sakamoto – A1
The Igniters on Midnite Spares
Japanese not Japanese track
Experiments with Pain
Late Night with Mortal Coil
Lullaby on Night Land
Space & Time with Deux Filles
Muted Calm Zone
Before Wilson it was Tanner Lotus
Ścierański bass
Wind Dance