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Maintenant festival, organized by Electroni[k] association, presented (from 7th to 16th October) a snapshot of artistic contemporary creativity in visual arts, musics and new technologies. Proposed as an unprecedented urban path filled with intimate meetings and giant installations, the event also included a SHAPE showcase.

Watch the video review of the festival below, featuring such SHAPE acts as KABLAM, 9th Cloud & Cyril Meroni, Joris Strijbos, Masayoshi Fujita, Jackson, NONOTAK‘s Takami Nakamoto, Klara Lewis.

Festival Maintenant 2016 from Association Electroni[k] on Vimeo.

For Maintenant 2016, Electroni[k] welcomed from October 7 to 16, 100 artists including:
Amanda Parer (AU), André Bratten (NO), Aurora Halal (US), Avalon Emerson (US), Ben UFO (UK), D.K. (FR), Dr. Rubinstein (DE), Fuse* (IT), Gaëtan Cieplicki (FR), GareSud (FR), Gidge (SE), Joris Strijbos & Daan Johan (NL), Julia Kent (CA), Le Comte (FR), Lena Willikens (DE), Lokier (MX), Lola Gielen (NL), Pearson Sound (UK), Petit Prince (FR), Pictoplasma (DE), Samuel St-Aubin (QC), Studio PSK (UK), Tom Adams (UK), Yasuaki Onishi (JP)…

For 16 years, the Electroni[k] organization has been developing a project dedicated to the contemporary creation in the fields of sound and image, focusing on multi-disciplinary and innovative projects. The early project of the organization was to promote electronic arts through live shows, performances or installations. It now has broadened to other disciplines like graphic arts, and other aesthetics like contemporary or electroacoustic music, while asserting its singularity. Cultural activities set up with different publics (school groups and families, students, persons with major social problems, etc) are now an integral part of the project that goes beyond the days dedicated to the festival in October but now takes place throughout the year (residencies among school groups, workshops, the Belle de Nuit shows, cartes blanches, etc).

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