Resonance Extra show on Vinzenz Schwab

Listen to Halbnarr –  a one-hour mix by Austrian electro-acoustic music composer Vinzenz Schwab, produced for the online broadcasting platform Resonance Extra. The mix consists entirely of Schwab’s own works and field recordings.

Born in Eastern Styria in 1981, Vinzenz Schwab studied computer music and electronic media at the Vienna University of Music. He works in the fields of electroacoustic music and live electronics, focusing on concrete sound material and its transformation possibilities with regard to algorithmic compositions for multichannel concerts as well as improvisation. The sound material used is always self-recorded in nature, urban areas and studios.

Track list:

expand.pique (from ccr901), until 07:24
acampe qopiwini (protest camp), until 09:00
walked by (from ccr901), until 13:25
throwing bricks, until 15:55
resizewizard (from ccr901), until 18:41
denoised supermarket, until 19:49
interlude 31, until 20:30
clarinet transformation, until 23:51
variations from piano (from ccr901), until 34:38
fluss for moe, until 44:40
tecnicas recuperadas (will be released on ccr902)

Vinzenz Schwab is a 2015 alumnus of the SHAPE platform; he was nominated to the project by Austria’s musikprotokoll festival.