Raze de Soare mix for Radio Campus France

Stream a new mix by Romanian duo Raze de Soare, produced as part of SHAPE platform’s collaboration with radio network Radio Campus France and its weekly broadcast series Campus Club.

Ion Dumitrescu and Cosima Opartan established Raze de Soare as an homage to Romania’s much maligned music genre called manele, or proto-manele in their case, to be precise.  They recontextualised the hits of the genre’s foremost band Albatros and even released an EP named after the band.

This special mix is – in their words – “A pseudo-chronological journey through Romania’s wedding music and beyond, starting in the nineties. From proto-manele to R&B manele, sprinkled with some Egyptian classics and other Bulgarian and Albanian treats. Reaching contemporary (post-2010) manele and outernational electric-oriental.”