Orson Hentschel mix for Radio Campus France

Stream a SHAPE mix by German composer and producer Orson Hentschel, created for our platform’s ongoing collaboration with radio station network Radio Campus France.

Orson Hentschel is a German composer and producer based in Düsseldorf. Having trained in classical piano as of an early age, he now mainly composes electronic, experimental and film music. His debut, Feed The Tape, is strongly influenced by classical minimalism, especially composition methods used by Steve Reich such as phase variations, looping and imitation. These methods serve as characteristic composition elements, however, rather than being the focus of Hentschel’s pieces. The loop, which often is the starting point of one of his works, usually plays the role of a constant sound substrate on which harmonic and melodic elements can thrive. Orson Hentschel does not consider himself as a composer of contemporary music, but as a multimedia artist. He developed his own audiovisual performance, based on the interplay of light, visuals and fog.

Track list:

Tahiti Boy & Mr. Oizo – Mind Link 1
Daniel Lanois – Opera
Księżyc – Kolysanka
Geoff Baron – Inhale
Michael Gordon – Rewriting Beethoven’s Seventh Symphonie: Pt. 3
David Lang – Shelter: Before I Enter
Matthew Collings – Rapid Pulses
Ingram Marshall – Fog Tropes
Julia Wolfe – Anthracite Fields: lV. Flowers
Tahiti Boy & Mr. Oizo – Palmtree
Caroline Shaw – Partita for 8 Singers: No. 1. Allemande

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