Mix by Ignatz for Resonance FM

Ignatz is a singer and songwriter from Belgium. Ahead of his upcoming show in Budapest (UH Fest, October 2-9) he’s prepared a mixtape of music that he currently enjoys, ranging from Blind Own Wilson to Bridget Hayden. The mix was broadcast by the London-based radio station Resonance FM as well as its additional platform Resonance Extra.

In 1910, the illustrator George Herriman created the Krazy Kat comic strip. Ignatz, a vicious mouse, was Krazy Kat’s arch enemy, and his favourite pastime was to throw bricks at Krazy Kat’s head (who misinterpreted the mouse’s actions as declarations of love). Belgian artist Bram Devens uses Ignatz as his alter-ego, and comes armed with his own pile of bricks; sparse, emotive songs born of the human condition, wrapped in effects, corroded by tape, driven forth by improvisation and spontaneity.

Ignatz’s songs stem from a familiar stripped folk framework, with Devens’ delivery recalling the louche primitivism of V.U. or Henry Flynt – but these songs sound inverted, cast adrift, their cool touch belying a stymied heat beneath the surface. Where Devens’ fretwork is adorned, it is executed with a refined coarseness. Autonomous loops entwine each other. Songs brush past percussion, bass notes, or a scant keyboard motif. A voice recedes from the heart of the song into a dislocated, cracked drawl.

Track list:

Blind Owl Wilson – Sloppy Drunk
Daniel Bachman – Song for the setting Sun I
Spencer Dobbs – Pleasure
Bridget Hayden – When I was in my prime
Stan Hubbs – Juggernaut
Maki Asakawa – Blue Spirit Blues
Catherine Ribeiro & Les Alpes – Paix 
Cultural Amnesia – The Wildlife of the tranquil Vale