Listen: NTS Live talks to SHAPE artists at MUTEK

Listen to these NTS Live broadcasts from the MUTEK festival in Canada, where SHAPE platform had its first intercontinental showcase. The episodes, hosted by Chloe Frieda, feature music by and interviews with SHAPE artists Laura Luna, Jackson and Spatial, who also did a live mix as part of the broadcast.

Alongside the Susy Technology collective, this first episode features Mexican-born, Prague-residing musician and sound artist Laura Luna as well as experimental bass music producer Spatial, who also has a deep interest in sustaining a visual dimension to his work.

The second episode features Jackson, who was interviewed about his new experimental audiovisual project Light Metal Music, which entirely features previously unreleased music, as he explained in the interview. He also spoke of the evolution of his sound over the years and how he sees his current project as being in continual development.

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