Listen to our Novas Frequências show on Resonance FM

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On this month’s edition of our Resonance 104.4 FM radio show, we focus Brazil. In the beginning of December, SHAPE will present a selection of its current and upcoming roster at Rio de Janeiro’s Novas Frequências festival, the city’s leading event for adventurous sounds. We talk to the festival organiser Chico Dub about the Brazilian music scene as well as to some of the SHAPE artists playing there. Andreas Trobollowitsch is an Austrian electroacoustic musician, composer and sound artist. He studied musicology and jazz theory in Vienna and Paris, and wrote his thesis about the spatial approach in the compositions of Stockhausen and Cage. He works extensively in the fields of electroacoustic composition and improvisation, and has composed for dance, theatre, film and radio.  He will present his work Hecker at Novas Frequências, a composition for lumberjacks, axes and logs. Új Bála is the moniker of Budapest-based musician Gábor Kovács. Active in a number of underground projects, Új Bála is his solo endeavour for noise-inflected techno, played on hardware instruments and notable for energetic live shows. His releases have appeared on Baba Vanga and Altered State Tapes.