Special Resonance FM show on TodaysArt

Stream a special Resonance FM show, devoted to TodaysArt – a participating festival of SHAPE, which will happen in The Hague on September 24 – 27. This hour-long program features music by artists from the festival’s upcoming edition (both SHAPE non-SHAPE acts) as well as spoken insights by the organizers.

SHAPE Festivals Hour ft. TodaysArt – Tuesday 28th July 2015 by Resonance Fm on Mixcloud

The festival TodaysArt, as its name suggests, focuses on the art of now through interventions in public space, concerts and other happenings with a firm focus on actual topics and the merging of culture, society and art.

TodaysArt has built up an impressive international profile over the past seven years by presenting and producing works that are developed through direct and intensive relationships with some of today’s leading artists. A hub member of International Cities of Advanced Sound and related arts (ICAS) – an international network of independent festivals – TodaysArt is consistently involved in international collaborations, by connecting artists to creative centres across the globe and bringing international pioneering and talented artists to local audiences.

The organization’s main event TodaysArt.NL in The Hague has been organized since 2005. International editions of the festival are being organized by partner organizations and previously took place in Brussels (TodaysArt.BE in 2011) and Tokyo (TodaysArt.JP in 2014).


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