Mondkopf’s guest mix for Tiny Mix Tapes

Check out SHAPE artist Mondkopf‘s guest mix for our partner Tiny Mix Tapes‘ section Cholocate Grinder. The title of the mix is Always out to lunch, and it featues tracks by Peder Mannerfelt, Franck Vigroux, fellow SHAPE artist Lorenzo Senni and many others.

“The guest mix that Régimbeau graciously made for us,” write TMT,  “further articulates his interest in the materiality of sound, exploring contrast through masterful pacing and varying degrees of dissonance. Like his music, it’s dark and moody, reorienting suspense and tension as ends unto themselves rather than as the couriers they’re so often internalized to be.”

In the last couple of years, Paul Régimbeau (29) a.k.a. Mondkopf has released his The Nicest Way EP (Perc Trax) and performed memorably as a DJ in clubs like Berghain and Corsica Studios. Also getting on his own terms and starting his own imprint In Paradisum with Guillaume Heuguet, he has united a team of artists all pretty much standing apart in the French scene and led by the same restlessness and ideals.


You can catch Regimbeau live at the very first edition of Schiev festival in Brussels (as part of the Autrenoir project) and Biennale Némo in Paris.