Exclusive mixtape for NTS Radio by 12z

Last week, NTS Live – as part of their collaboration with the SHAPE platform –  aired a selection of exclusive improvised tracks by the Hungarian duo 12z, whose album Free Fall Inspirations has just been released on Nicolas Jaar‘s label Other People. Enjoy it below.

12z will be playing at the grand SHAPE showcase as part of ICAS Festival this Thursday (April 30).
As pure improvisors, 12z (Bálint Szabó and Márton Kristóf) have constructed a substantial body of work, including film scores, studio recordings, and a significant archive of 12z [sessionz] — weekly improvised jams with a shifting cast of collaborators. With Bálint on guitar, Márton on electronics, and former member Áron Porteleki often joining on drums, they fluctuate between jagged rhythmic passages, floating moments of harmonic tension, and any other form that emerges, always chiseling structure from the chaos. Free Fall Inspirations marks a significant shift in 12z’s work, being their first entirely electronic recording.

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