April SHAPE Resonance FM show online!

In this edition of our SHAPE radio show on Resonance FM, we will focus on Dresden, a former East German city with a long and marked history, half-way between Prague and Berlin. Over the course of a week, starting on 27th April, Dresden will become the hotspot for adventurous music and related arts courtesy of the ICAS Festival, a venture by the eponymous network, a SHAPE partner institution. We will talk to the host of the event, the Dresden based Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau renowned for its CYNETART festival, as well as some of the SHAPE artists who will be performing there, including Gábor Lázár, Kathy Alberici, Borusiade and 12z.  

SHAPE Radio Show #3 – 28th April 2015 by Resonance Fm on Mixcloud